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Neurotrauma Society of India

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)29-31 August 2014

POSTER AWARDS: 1.Shri. Suresh Kare – Indoco Remedies, Best Poster Prize (1st , 2nd , & 3rd prize )

FREE PAPER AWARDS: 1. Shri J.B. Modi Best Paper award 2. Late Dr. Raghuwanshi Best Paper award


• Contestant should be below the age of 45 years. • Total experience excluding training in the specialty not to exceed 7 years. • Should have completed at least one year Associate membership of the Society. • Work presented should have been done in India. • The contestant should present the paper in the conference personally. • Full text of the paper (both hard copy by post and electronic format by e mail) as per guidelines of Indian journal of Neurotrauma is to be submitted to the —

1. Secretary, NTSI (*) 2. Editor IJN (**) 3. Organizing Secretary, NTSI (***)

• All authors to give a joint undertaking that Indian journal of Neurotrauma will have the first right to publish the work. • The paper should not have been published or presented earlier in any other conference. • The head of the Department/Institution to which a candidate is attached should certify that the work presented is the candidate’s personal contribution of which the candidate did the major part of the work. • Last date for receiving the manuscript is 15th July 2014.


Last date for receiving the manuscript is 15th July 2014

Sponsored by: The Alfred Hospital ( Melbourne, Australia

This award will comprise of:

1. An invitation to present the paper at the Australian National Trauma Research Instt. Meeting-which is scheduled in Nov. 2013 this year. 2. Certificate of Merit. 3. Plaque / Medal. 4. Associated one week placement as a Visiting Fellow at one of the leading Trauma facility in Australia 5. Return economy airfare to the conference venue in Australia 6. Airport transfers 7. Associated accommodation cost at the Parkview Hotel, or similar hotel for the above period.

Rules & Regulations: 1. Open to Full members of NTSI 2. Open to first five years of full membership 3. Age below 40 years 4. Open for Platform Presentation only 5. Presenter should be the First author. 6. Presentation should be related to trauma 7. Can be presented in any of the sections/sessions of the conference 8. Will make scientific presentation at the Australation Trauma Society Annual Meeting. 9. Full text of the paper (As per NTSI Journal Guidelines) should be submitted to – Editor NTSI Journal-Secy, NTSI-Rep. or Nominee of The Alfred two months before the starting day of the conference.

10. Last date for receiving the manuscript is 15th July 2014.

11. Full text of the paper (both hard copy by post and electronic format by e mail) as per guidelines of Indian journal of Neurotrauma is to be submitted to the —

Secretary, NTSI (*)  Editor IJN (**)  Organizing Secretary, NTSI (***)

Dr. Virendra Deo Sinha
Secretary, Neurotrauma Society Of India
53, Mozi Colony, Pradhan Marg, Malviya  Nagar
Jaipur – 302017 (Rajasthan)
e-mail :- 
Mob No. : (91)  9829052320

Editor IJN and Organizing Secretary, NTSI

(**) Dr. Yashbir Dewan –
Editor, the Indian Journal of Neurotrauma
MIND – Max Institute of Neurosciences, Dehradun -  India
E-mail :
Mob. No. (91) 8171648648
Web :

Awards for Allied members
Best paper award (oral)  and  Best poster award

Rules & Regulations -  Contestant should be Allied Member of NTSI •  The contestant should present the paper in the conference personally.


Last Date: Mid Night of 15th July 2014

Kindly Furnish following details in the application :-

Name and address of the member inviting the Conference [with PIN Code & Tel. Nos./Fax/Email]

Proposed Organizing Secretary and his address [with PIN Code & Tel. Nos./Fax/Email]

Institution / Site where the conference is to be held [with full postal address and Tel.Nos./Fax/Email]

Air, Rail & Road connections available

Facilities available:-

a) No. of conference halls and their seating capacity.

b) Audio/Video/Visual facilities.

c) Electricity and alternate arrangements.

d) Hotel / Hostel / Guest House accommodations available.

e) Facilities for catering services.

f) Telephone facilities.

g) Space available for – Posters / exhibits/ Exhibition stalls for drugs / instruments.

1. No. of Neuroscientists available for helping the Organizing Secretary.

2. Certificate from the President & Secy. of the Neurosciences Group of the city.

3. Proposed registration fee.

4. Recommendation of head of Institution [when venue is in an Institution].

Date:                                                                                                               Signature

You need to provide / comply with the following additional information

1.    Four symposium topic should be submitted out of which two or three can be selected by the EC at the time of allotting the conference.

2.    Should suggest 2 Orators for each of the four orations Dr. P.S. Ramani Oration / Dr. Rengachari Oration / Dr. A.D. Sehgal Oration  and Dr. A.K. Banerji Oration. Final selection would be made by EC.

3.    Declare the organizing committee at the time of bidding.

4.    Realistic scientific programme according to the schedule should be declared. We will provide the blank chart with scheduled programme already listed i.e Orations / E.C meeting / GBM etc.

5.    Should have a website ready which should be activated immediately after the allotment of the conference.

6.    There has been some demand from members to have a session devoted to problem cases – diagnostic or management – irrespective of the outcome. We could have one half devoted to cranial and one to spinal.

7.    Neurotrauma practice has many and intricate legal repercussions. I do feel that we need to devote some quality time discussing the various aspects.

8.    The chairpersons should be forewarned that it is their job to ensure that people stick to the time allotted to them.

9.    There should be arrangement for lights to a beeper to sound 2 minutes before time is up, for lights to come on 1 minute prior and for projection to stop at the appointed time. This is technically feasible.

10.  The President Elect will be the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Scientific committee. He, in association with the Society Secretary and the Organising Secretary will be responsible for the timely and proper preparation of scientific program.

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