Neurotrauma Society of India


Neurotrauma Society of India

Neurotrauma Society of India
Last Date: MID NIGHT OF 30th June 2012

Applications are invited for the post of President (1 Post) of Neurotrauma Society of India. The President will hold the office for a period of one year from August, 2012.

Who Is Eligible

Only life members can contest for the post.
You should have been a full member for a continuous period of 5years.
No member of the E. C. can take charge of office of any other post of the Society without completing the term of existing post.

How to Apply.

Apply on plain paper, application should be proposed by a life member and seconded by two life members.

Send your CV and short summary of your work for Neurosurgery/ Neurotrauma.
You can apply electronically at the below given email address.

In case you are applying by email your proposer and seconder should send a separate e mail from their email ID stating that they propose your name for the said post.

Where to Send the Application:

Post your applications to

Dr. V.D. Sinha Secretary
Neurotrauma Society of India
53 Mozi Colony, Pradhan Marg
Malviya Nagar, Jaipur - 302017

If applying electronically send application to :

Last date of receiving the Application
MID NIGHT OF 30th June 2012


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